Nomad: Snippets of London

Her’s what I saw last week in London:






It happened to be one of the wettest weeks in the country, and a neighborhood I walked through was fearing up for fashion week. It was also a big Chinese New Year in Chinatown, but I’ll show you that fun tomorrow.

Looking so London: Nomatic Fashion

I always feel like a different person when I go on business trips. I have plenty of time to myself to put my thoughts together or leisurely read or really notice everything around me with more attention than I have done during my “real” life at home. Every day I was in England this time around I was mistook for a Londoner by a stranger or new colleague. I even had time to take pictures of myself or ask someone else to take one of a friend and I:


And then I flew back home, to my son and husband and my mother who came to help while I was gone, in wonderment since I seize up in horrible shock trying to imagine my life without them. So even though at this season of my life I might not have enough time to read three books in a week or to put on make up or look as put together as I would like, what I get back in goofy four year old speak and kisses and a hard working husband makes up for that tenfold.

Waterlogue App Takes Your Photo From Meh to WOW

So this past weekend I hosted a craft party with a few beautiful smart ladies from all over the professional landscape. It was very fun. I took some photos of what I made for the party, the ladies interactions with each other, and what my friends made with the materials, their imaginations, and their own two hands. I have to say that most of the photos were absolute crap. I’m sure this had NOTHING to do with the fabulous adult drinks I created and partook in, or the multiple conversations I gleefully participated in.  I was totally in the moment during the whole two hours plus.

The next morning in looking over my photos, I was incredibly disappointed that I felt like I didn’t capture the festive mood of the evening. And then I discovered an new app named Waterlogue that seems to be taking the world by storm. This app transforms photos taken on a smartphone into watercolors of various tones and vibes. Suddenly, my crappy pictures were transformed into beautiful works of art. I’ve provided some examples below:












Now imagine what this app does to fantastic photos!?! Of course, I’ve totally posted a bazillion to my Facebook and Instagram accounts in the past 24 hours, and probably will continue to play around with it. I’m not sure I’ll ever get bored with this thing. Totally worth the $2.99. It made all those drinks taste even more sweet and I’m very proud of myself that I got to know my friends and their talents even more intimately.  I have really kick ass friends, you know.

Love in Black and White

As you all know my friend Brandie is an amazing photographer. She’s seen me in all kinds of different ways, and she loves our child, even when he’d rather watch TV at the neighbor’s house than play blocks with her at our place. But I was *blown away* when she sent me these the other day of our little one from a few years ago. I mean, breathtaking.



That first photo just kills me. Can I get an Amen?