‘Tis the Season: Toledo Loves Gloves

'Tis the Season: Toledo Loves Gloves

So my colleague, Brita, is a knitter. The kind of knitter that can just “whip up” a set of really awesome gloves in an hour and a half. For fun. I am in awe (see her awesome work in the photo above). She was commenting yesterday how she has lots of extra yarn and how “easy” it is for her to make these fingerless gloves.  I have a friend named John, who is quite the supporter of all things having to do with the Toledo, Ohio area, has a serious appreciation of train tagging, and knows everything and anything related to good music.  He is the editor of the website, Toledo.com and is an integral l part in highlighting creativity in the Toledo community.  This season he is very involved with Toledo Loves Gloves, which provides gloves, scarves, and hats to people in need.  So I asked Brita if she’s like to use her handiwork (haha, get it?) to this cause.  She of course agreed.  It’s a win for all of us!  Brita gets to make, Toledo Loves Gloves gets more warmth, and I get to send a package in the mail!  Do you have any gloves lying around that you’d like to donate?  If so, holla!

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