Let’s Play Dress Up And Other Motivations

Isn’t it funny how as soon as we are free to pretend a little things become a little more free spirited? My son’s school walked a mere block for a “costume parade” in October, but that same walk we’ve been on tens of times in our own neighborhood became magical and mischievous – I think because everyone got to pretend to be someone else for just a short bit of time. Just look at my little zebra at the bottom left with all his superheroes and princess below:

Even when we don’t pretend at parties, we can still have lots of fun. After all, we just had over forty friends and family members trek through deep snow and dreadful weather to have cupcakes and eat from cheese balls at my own birthday party in northern Michigan last week:

After a 14 hour road trip to get back to D.C., it was a welcome respite to play dress up again… This time for a friend’s god parents 40th annual anniversary party in a church basement decked out for a prom that included square dancing and a photo booth. No, I’m not kidding. The “prom committee” even went so far as to make corsages and sashes for all the guests. Everyone went all out- a light blue, ruffled tuxedo was worn by one patron, but I also saw lots of duck tails and plaid bow ties. Particularly hideous but oh-so-marvelous light yellow and mauve satin dresses were the highlights for the ladies. The square dance caller was wearing a sequin western tie thingie. There were balloons and streamers everywhere, and of course, a disco ball. Way better than my high school prom. The dress up prom was magical.

Which leads me to think the time for partying cannot be over! I believe I will be coming up with something in the near future. It’s way too fun to miss out on.

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