We Interrupt Our Regularly Scheduled Program to Bring You: Reality

This year, observing Martin Luther King Day and Mandela’s passing through Facebook helped me realize that seemingly most Americans were discovering for the first time that Martin Luther King wasn’t always America’s (or even Black America’s) savior and Mandela didn’t always believe in non-violence and wasn’t always supported by democratic governments. I feel more satisfied, especially since I earned my Bachelor’s degree in Black Studies, thereby learning American and African history through a Black American lens during a very critical crossroads in my life. My professors were from all walks of life, and as the first Black Studies department in the nation, many had been there from the beginning thirty years prior. As a white suburban woman, always felt like I was always learning a big secret that was in plain sight. And I am grateful for that unique insight and opportunity, as well as for modern day Facebook and the like that brings out those “secrets” to the mainstream. Black, White or in between, it’s our reality, Folks. This is not just Black history, this is OUR history.  I will be far more satisfied once Malcolm X gets the credit he deserves outside the Black community for his non-violent actions and his incredible spiritual transformations. Here’s to the ancestors.  Thank you for sharing your reality with us, even though we choose not to always see it.


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